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Schutte & Hilgendorf Featured in How-To Guide

HOW-TO Choose A Good CPA and Relieve Year End Stress

What you do now: Wait until the day before your tax appointment and throw all your receipts in a box. You show up at the tax office stressed and worried.
With a Good CPA, you will: Meet with your CPA and talk about the weather and brag about your grandchildren because you are so prepared that you already know what you’ll owe and everything is organized. Schutte & Hilgendorf offers a full range of accounting and tax services during the year to avoid surprises. We provide you with tax strategies that you can implement BEFORE your taxes are due.

What you do now: “Wing it” -This means that you categorize 80% of your expenses for your business into “ASK ACCOUNTANT”.
With a Good CPA, you will: Call your CPA during the year as needed to get advice on categorizing your expense. Schutte & Hilgendorf can set up your chart of accounts and software to meet your unique businesses needs.

What you do now: Tell your tax preparer at your tax appointment that you bought a new truck for the business last year. When they ask you about your mileage log, you look at them with a blank stare and ask, “What’s that?”.
With a Good CPA, you will: Be informed to contact them with any major business or personal purchases or changes as they happen. It is more cost effective to meeting with us a couple of times a year than to wait until the week your taxes are due.

What you do now: Call your tax preparer and wait for 8 days for a response.
With a Good CPA, you will: Receive a response to your phone call or email within 1 business day. At Schutte & Hilgendorf, we consider ourselves partners and trusted advisors to our clients. We are always available for our clients.

What you do now: You nod your head and smile when your tax preparer explains the new tax laws and the IRS code.
With a Good CPA, you will: Understand what your options for tax savings are because they explain it in an understandable manner. Schutte & Hilgendorf is your local accounting & tax firm providing straightforward and friendly advice.

What you do now: Find out about tax laws and strategies at tax time that could have saved you money if only you had known about them.
With a Good CPA, you will: Be informed of new laws as they happen and can make decisions that can save you tax dollars. At Schutte & Hilgendorf, we stay on top of developments around the nation that affect our clients. We maintain our website to provide up to the minute news and advice.

What you do now: On April 15, you say to your tax preparer as you walk out the door, Oh Yeah! I started a new business last year. Do I need to file a tax return?
With a Good CPA, you will: Have the advice you need when starting a new business. This includes what filings are required.

Schutte & Hilgendorf offers consulting services for choosing the right entity and starting up your new business. We also offer ongoing maintenance of your accounting records.

Schutte & Hilgendorf has 4 full time CPAs and specializes in providing audit, accounting, tax and consulting services for individuals, businesses, non·profit organizations, and homeowners associations.

From Prescott Newspapers, Inc.’s How-To Guide Article, September 2010.

Daily Courier Highlights Women in Business

“Leading Edge Ladies”

Schutte & Hilgendorf, PLLC is a women-owned CPA firm, located in Prescott and serving all of Yavapai County. The firm is predominantly women with two CPA owners; Gidget Schutte and Lois Hilgendorf, and three women staff; Katja Lopez, CPA, Crystal Garcia, and Rosie Clayton. Our token male, Adam Rutherford, CPA provides the male perspective and helps to maintain the balance.

As a women-owned business, we take our responsibility seriously to promote the accounting profession to women of all ages. The partner’s personal stories are a testament to the joys and challenges of having a woman-owned business.

Gidget Schutte was raised in Blythe, California and moved to Prescott in 2001 after vacationing here with her family for many years. Out of college in 1990, she worked in public accounting, and industry accounting for the next 18 years. In 2008, just as the economy was taking a dive, the opportunity to buy an existing practice in Prescott came up and she and Lois decided to make a go of it. “We had been doing the work for so many years it just seemed natural that we could now put our name on the door.” The decision was still a tough one, with two young children at home at the time. “The challenge is trying to keep the balance between family and work however the best part is having that responsibility to make those decisions myself as the owner.”

Lois was raised on a farm in southern Minnesota and moved to Prescott with her husband and small children in 1978. Lois went back to get her accounting degree and obtained her CPA in 1992 while working full time for the predecessor firm and while her kids were cycling through high school. “It was very difficult, but I have no regrets and the pride of owning a business has been tremendous.” Her children are grown now and she juggles managing the workload with visiting her 6 grandchildren as often as possible.

Schutte & Hilgendorf offers a broad range of professional accounting, tax, and audit services to individuals and businesses. Our mission is to provide knowledgeable, caring, and prompt service to all our clients. We specialize in providing all of our services to numerous industry specific areas, including non-profit organizations, government, homeowner’s associations, and construction contractors. We also provide tax planning and preparation, sales tax and payroll tax return preparation, on going bookkeeping and QuickBooks setup and training. “We have placed a huge emphasis on supporting the local business community with setting up proper QuickBooks accounting systems. A good accounting system can be invaluable in assisting small business owners manage expenses and identifying avenues for generating revenue.”

Come in and see us anytime in the Crossings at 3140 Stillwater Drive, Ste. A, Prescott, Arizona or call us at 928-778-0079. See our website at

From Daily Courier Women in Business Article, August 13, 2010.

Daily Courier Highlights Prescott Accounting Firm




Q&A: Numbers create livelihood for Prescott CPAs

By Ken Hedler
The Daily Courier
Thursday, June 18, 2009

Les Stukenberg/The Daily Courier
Les Stukenberg/The Daily Courier

Q&A with Gidget Schutte and Lois Hilgendorf, owners of Schutte & Hilgendorf Audit, Accounting & Taxes in the Crossings business park, 3140 Stillwater Drive, Suite A., Prescott. The office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays “officially,” Schutte said. “During tax season we are here all the time.” The phone number is 778-0079;  the website is

Q: Why did they buy the business and when?

Schutte: “We bought out one of the partners, which was Lambson & Rader. Preston Lambson retired, so we bought his business (and started it Jan. 1, 2008). We both worked for the previous company. I had worked with the previous company since 2003.”

Q: What is your previous business-related experience?

Schutte: “I have been a CPA since 1992, and I also worked in finance for private companies before moving to Prescott September 11, 2001.”

Hilgendorf: “Several years in accounting.”

Q: How many employees do you have?

Schutte: “We have three besides ourselves. We have another CPA on staff.”

Q: What changes have you made?”

Hilgendorf: “We are focusing our business where our strengths are, which is auditing. And we offer tax prep and planning for both businesses and individuals, and we also do accounting work, which might include payroll, tax returns and QuickBooks consulting.”

Q: What services do you provide to your clients?

Schutte: “We do focus on homeowners associations, nonprofit organizations and small businesses – local.”

Q: What is the best business advice you have received or given?

Schutte: “All the support we had getting into this business. The advice we took to do it was a great decision for both of us. In general, one of the best pieces of advice I received is ‘Keep it simple.'”

Hilgendorf: “Don’t give up on your dream.”

Q: What has been your biggest business challenge?

Schutte: “It has been challenging, but it has been a new welcome perspective. We are the ones running the company.”

Q: What is the key to your success?

Schutte: “Word of mouth is our biggest PR. The key to our success is being good business partners/advisers to our clients.”

Q: How are you adjusting to the recession?

Schutte: “We are flowing with where our clients are struggling. We’re trying to find ways for them to save their costs. What we mean by that (is) we are scaling back for them to save money but adding value for them in other areas.”

Q: What are your plans for the business?

Schutte: “We want to be the public accounting firm in Prescott, Yavapai County and the surrounding area. We want to get our name out there. By the way, we are having an open house 4 to 7 (p.m.) next Thursday, June 25. We just moved in February from Plaza West (on West Gurley Street). We are really trying to establish this new identity.”