How many non-profit boards hire an outside auditor?

Jan 17, 2011 | Government Auditing, Non-Profit Accounting, Prescott Accounting

How many non-profit boards hire an outside auditor?

Eighty-four percent of the respondents of a recent BoardSource governance survey say that they annually hire an auditor to conduct an external financial audit. Smaller organizations are less likely than large organizations to hire an auditor.

Here are five key ways to maximize the audit process:

Be sure the board is in the audit driver’s seat. The nonprofit board has the responsibility to oversee the audit process. This includes assessing the financial controls, policies, procedures, and condition of the organization and overseeing the external auditor.

Review the auditor’s independence. The board should be certain that the auditor is independent and objective in performing duties.

Choose your auditor carefully. Even with rigorous efforts by professional bodies governing the practice of Certified Public Accountants to improve the quality of audits, not all audits are created equal.

Invest your audit dollars wisely. While it is important to be certain the audit fees are reasonable in light of the quality and value of an audit, focusing too much attention on cost can be detrimental to the health of the audit and ultimately to the organization.

Properly use your audit committee. The audit committee should be the fulcrum of the financial reporting function. Start with an independent audit committee. The committee members should not be members of the nonprofit’s staff. Invite staff members to committee meetings to answer questions and to provide information.

Excerpted from the Maximizing the Audit Process by Dan Busby.

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